Daniela Schulz

I was born in 1982 in Haltern am See, I spent my studies in Münster, lived in Cologne for many years and moved to Valencia, Spain, with my family a year ago. In addition to my Master’s degree in Education, I am a Systemic Counsellor and Living Mindfulness Mindfulness Trainer.

As an educator, I have been working with a wide variety of people in different contexts for many years. In doing so, I have observed that many people go beyond their limits, do not take their needs seriously and feel stressed. Good self-care plays an important role in being satisfied with one’s own life and oneself and at the same time strengthening relationships with other people in one’s life. However, to do this I need to know myself, get in touch with my inner self, pay attention to my needs and take them seriously. Allowing ourselves to be good to ourselves and to treat ourselves with the same appreciation and respect as all other people is often not so easy for us with ourselves.

I bring the experiences from my own mindfulness practice and the knowledge and techniques from my training as a mindfulness trainer into my courses with joy and humour.

My way to mindfulness

Everyday life with two small children, work and daily chores is often accompanied by stress and rushing. Doing this quickly, doing that quickly. In the long run, this state left me dissatisfied and irritable, so I started looking for a method myself that would anchor me in the moment and give me more control over my emotions again. After a short time of research, I came across stress management through mindfulness. This method, or rather attitude to life, immediately fascinated and convinced me. Living Mindfulness helps me to ground myself in everyday life and to go through the day more calmly and to become more aware of the small pleasures of everyday life again.

By focusing on the present, I can free myself from negative thoughts and musings, which leads to a better quality of life for me. I try to enjoy and appreciate life more and, above all, to be grateful for everything that is. Some days this works really well, some days, as we all know, not so well.

I am convinced that everyone can improve their quality of life and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life through regular mindful practice.

And what else…

I recently completed a training as a writing teacher for creative writing. Writing is a wonderful method to meet oneself and one’s own life in a creative way. Through writing I gain clarity and above all I can let go of worries better. At the same time, writing is so diverse, sometimes it produces funny, high-spirited texts, on another day they are melancholic to sad, then again full of joy. So they are probably mostly a reflection of our inner state of mind.

Many benefits of creative writing:

Creative writing is an artistic practice that involves writing all kinds of texts: Prose, poetry, scripts, plays, diaries and many more. Creative writing can be used as self-expression or as a means of relaxation, reflection or personal development.

  1. Enhancing creativity: It can help activate the brain and stimulate the imagination, helping to generate new ideas and promote creative thinking.
  2. Reducing stress: Creative writing can have a calming and relaxing effect. Writing down stressful experiences can reduce stress levels and improve mood.
  3. Improving communication skills: It can help improve writing skills and increase the ability to express oneself clearly and precisely. This in turn enhances language skills and confidence in one’s own communication.
  4. Personal development: Creative writing can promote personal development. By writing diaries or other personal stories, people can reflect on their past and better understand their identity.
  5. Improving mental health: It can help improve mental health by serving as a means of processing emotions, trauma or other difficult experiences and can help ease psychological pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Overall, creative writing offers numerous benefits for mental and physical health, as well as for personal and creative development. It is a versatile and flexible practice that can be done by anyone regardless of age, background or ability.